98 - Surprize

Surprize has totally different personalities depending on whether you are on the part above the Summer Road or below it. The upper part is a delightful treed area with a nice mix of fairly open glades and tighter stuff all on a moderately steep pitch. The lower part is a wide clearer run, but one which can teem with stumps and other hazards in the early season.

You get to the upper part by following a traverse just below the rock bands of Knot Chutes. This can be brutally bumpy, but is almost always easy to cross if you keep in mind there is no compelling reason to stay high on the portion below the rocks. You can use Trespass Trail to skip the lower section and return directly to the White Pass chair. You can also access just the bottom of the run by means of the Summer Road.


It can be very nice in the Surprize trees.


But also a little tight in places.


Much of it is fairly open though.


On the lower part of Surprize

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