57 - Sunny Side

Sunny Side may not be long, but it is a high quality mogul run, conveniently located for heading down Lizard Bowl from either the Bear or Boomerang lifts. The run is the steepest right in the center, which also has a few 'natural hazards' to complicate things and is gentlest off to the skier's right. As you might guess from the name, it gets lots of sun. This is not good for powder longevity, but it does make for some of the nicest spring corn and slush on the mountain. Of course that means it can also make for ice when it once again freezes.

Access is from anywhere off to the skier's right of the upper part of Sun Up or to the left as you follow Tower Six Trail over to Arrow.


Most of Sunny Side is pretty open.


In this wide angle shot taken from near the top of Ballet, Sunny Side looks pretty tame,


but, some bits are surprisingly steep.

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