84 - Steep and Deep

When the snow is indeed deep, this run lives up to the promise of its name spectacularly. It can be reached by traversing from either the Face Lift or the Bear Chair over to Snake Ridge and then following the ridge cat track down to the top of Red Tree and hanging a right. I generally think of Steep and Deep as being the plunge straight down into lower Gorbie Bowl, but have heard that the more mellow ride down the right hand side of the ridge and then curving down through a run cut in the trees is also part of Steep and Deep.

Steep and Deep has had a rather nasty case of alder infestation and while summer clearing in recent years has greatly improved things, it can be tricky negotiating the very top before the snow pack grows. Most of the clearing has been on the right hand side, although there is a channel right down the middle.


The upper part of Steep and Deep when well covered.


The more mellow ridge portion that is apparently also Steep and Deep.


The lower part of Steep and Deep is visible at the right in this shot from lower Gorbie Bowl.

Last modified on 2007-11-19
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