82 - Snake Main

Snake Main refers to a large open area off of Snake Ridge, which is bounded on the right side by the trees bordering Blueberry and rather indistinctly on the left by a roll that forms the right side of Gorbie Bowl. It is accessed by means of the Face to Cedar traverse or, missing the top few turns, the traverse from the Bear Chair.

This is a lovely piece of skiing real estate, with lots of wide open, at least once there is enough snow, turns on a moderately steep pitch. The map shows the run bailing out to the right to join with the bottom of Blueberry, but this isn't obvious when you are skiing down for the main run continues as a nice open pitch much lower than that. As you continue down the pitch becomes steeper and the run degenerates into tight gullies and ridges that are often alder choked. These are probably considered part of the double black KC Chutes. It is also possible to enter the wide open area below the cliffy tree band of Gorbie Bowl, but the entrance can be tricky, particularly in less than ideal condition. The bottom line is that anyone who isn't a quite advanced skier will probably want to ensure they catch that exit to the bottom of Blueberry and everyone will if conditions are marginal.


Looking across Snake Main when all the alders are covered.


Looking up Snake Main.


Heading down into the gully region at the bottom of Snake Main.


Heading into Gorbie Bowl from below Snake Main.


The gully at the bottom of Snake Main.

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