33 Sky Dive

Along with Stag Leap and Decline, this is one of the three prominent runs that loom above the base area. They are best accessed by means of the Reverse Traverse through Currie, but can also be reached by a high traverse through Easter Bowl from the Face Lift.

Sky Dive is the middle of the three and forks off to the right from Decline as you come down the ridge. A little ways below this, there is a signed cut off on the right, which provides access to Stag Leap.

All three are long serious bump runs that can light a fire in your thighs (at least in mine), and all three are interesting and challenging, so I don't have a particular favourite. Sky Dive does seem to be generally more popular with most folks though.


The view down Sky Dive.


A not untypical Sky Dive experience.


2007-11-22 - Phil from the UK: Might be worth adding a comment that on a clear day they give a great view of both the base and the town - for those that don't suffer from vertigo!

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