3 - Siberia Ridge

You get to this trail by climbing up the ridge to the left as you get off of the Timber Chair. The first part along the ridge is gentle, pleasant and provides to the tops of Morning Glory Big Bang Mitchy Chutes and Mars. However farther along the trail, there is a narrow nasty area which is steep and often filled with hazards and ugly bumps. A while back they did some logging in this area which opened things up a bit and presumably allowed them to drop the double black designation it used to have. It is still an ugly pitch though and your skis and body are both likely to appreciate a gentle approach to this portion of the trail.

The best route seems to be to stick to the right as you approach the pitch and then head down through the trees to the right, just before the main portion of the run becomes steeper. You will be able to slalom your way down to the rope line and follow it to the left and the bottom of the ugly bit.

The ugly portion is quite short and below it the trail opens up into a pleasant and not heavily travelled run with some interesting rolls and drops. Farther down a cat track offers access from the bottom of Deep Sea and this lower Siberia Ridge section wears a blue square and offers some great cruising turns.


The section below the choke point offers some very nice skiing.

Last modified on 2007-11-20
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