12 - Pillow Talk

I can certainly understand how visitors to FAR might be confused about just where various runs are, for after all this time I still am unsure of just what is called what. Pillow Talk and High Line are good examples of this, for older trail maps and signs showed upper Highline on the skiers right of the White Pass chair, whereas it is now clearly on the left and the area to the right has the Pillow Talk designation. However I am unsure of whether this includes the mogul run pictured below or just the trees between that and Heartland. In any event both the run and the trees are quite pleasant and the tree area was gladed a couple of years ago to ease a couple of congested bands.

Access is normally by traversing left from Shakey's Acres, but you can get back to it by traversing right from where the gully that drains Shakey's opens onto Heartland.


The view down what might be Pillow Talk.


Looking up at the same area from the White Pass Chair.

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