70 - North Ridge

When well groomed this is a good cruiser that used to be designated a blue square run, but one moderately steep pitch and drop offs on both sides proved presumably prompted a change to black diamond status. This is a pretty popular run, but is not really a favorite of mine. It can be fun after a dump and before the moguls get too pointy and is great for those big GS turns when groomed, but I mainly ski it to access various parts of Cedar Ridge and Linda's Run or when hard conditions make the bowls unfriendly.

The lower part is mainly a transit route from the top of the Haul Back T-Bar to the bottom of the Boom chair and of course the run out for the upper part. Generally dull, the top part from the T-Bar down to the first cat track can grow a forest of little moguls that can be fun in powder or slush, but the traffic can take its toll and the left side in particular can succumb to sun rot if the snow hasn't been plentiful


The steeper section of North Ridge as it descends towards the top of the Haul Back. Lower North Ridge heads off to the left just beyond the Haul Back bull wheel.


A very late season shot of the portion just below the top of the Haul Back, show how traffic and sun can erode this portion of the run.

Last modified on 2007-11-22
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