108 - Mars

To get to this steep tree run, you have to climb up the hill to Siberia Ridge, which is to your left as you get off of the Timber chair. Follow Siberia Ridge until it goes through a bit of a dip and you will find signs for Mitchy Chutes leading into Timber Bowl on the left and for Mars heading into Siberia Bowl on the right.

This run was new last season (I am writing in fall 2007) and I somehow missed it until the very last day of the season, so my experience with it is limited to a single run in very good conditions. The top is lovely, albeit steep, gladed terrain, which is bordered on the left by a rope line demarcating the permanently closed Hell's Gate area. The last few turns near the bottom of the steep section required negotiating through some pretty congested obstacles, which might be a significant issue with less snow pack, although it may be we just didn't pick a clear line. Below this it opens right up on still steep, but more moderate terrain.


The lovely upper section of Mars.

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