105 - Lizard Traverse

This cat track runs from the top of the Bear Chair to the base of the Face Lift and then all the way across Lizard Bowl to Dancer. It is the main access to the Lizard runs from the Bear Chair. It is slightly uphill immediately after the Face Lift, but some work in the summer of 2007 is likely to have eliminated most of the walking in this area. There is another small uphill just before Cascade, but if you maintain speed you can usually get by this without skating.


The view back to the top of the Bear chair from near the start of the traverse


In this overview of Lizard Bowl, Lizard Traverse can be seen running across the bowl at the upper left.


2007-11-20 - Ryan from Regina noted that he and his friends always disliked this traverse because of the uphill just past the Face Lift. (Hopefully the work they did last summer will make this better Ryan. I guess we will know soon - Craig)

Last modified on 2007-11-22
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