43 - Lizard

The use of the names of Lizard, Lizard Trail, and Dipsy has varied somewhat in past years. The upper part of this trail used to be called Lizard Trail, but then it became lower Ballet for a while and the name Dipsy disappeared altogether as the Lizard name was assigned to that area. So be warned that the names used in the reports can vary a bit and some staff might still refer to this with one of the older names.

As marked on the current trail map, Lizard descends off to the left of Dipsy from just below the Bear's Den. This upper intermediate section can be a nice run when conditions are good, but it does see a lot of transit traffic headed towards the Bear Lift, which combined with its limited width and Southern exposure often means icy or bare spots in low snow times.

This run used to cross under the Bear Chair, but the section below that is now used as a rail park, so Lizard is now designated to run down a broad cat track along side the chair to its base. There it is strangely is supposed to cut behind the chair corral and take over the broad run that is Dipsy up to this point, while changing shade to green. Note that the Dipsy/Lizard combination have top to bottom snowmaking, which can make them an excellent choice, maybe the only choice, if lower mountain conditions are poor.


Looking up Lizard from the base in the pre-season.


Another pre-season picture, this time of the upper part that descends from the Bear's Den. You will have to be up the lifts early when the hill is open to find this run with so few tracks.


On the other hand, while it might get rough, you would rarely see it as devastated as in this picture taken near the nadir of the dismal 2004/2005 season.

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