69 - Linda's Run

This area is comprised of a main run which is usually fairly heavily mogulled and various routes and chutes through the trees on either side. Generally pretty good skiing, particularly off of the main run. Most of the more open routes are to the left of the main route, but it there can be some very nice skiing in the trees adjacent to Boomerang Ridge. If you do stay to the right you may miss the main exit from Linda's and have to ski out through pretty tight, but passable, trees or down an tight little gully that always looks like an sluff trap to me. I generally go for the trees.

Below Cedar Trail, Linda's continues down as an intermediate pitch to the Boom Chair and provides an alternative to lower North Ridge or lower Boom Ridge for the trip from the Haul Back t-bar down to the Boom chair.


The main section of Linda's.


And a shot looking across it.

Last modified on 2007-11-19
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