6 - Lift Line

This aptly named run lies directly under the Timber Chair from the top down to where it passes the base of the White Pass chair. Amazingly it was originally branded as a blue square, but that designation was a little over the top even by Fernie standards, so it now wears the badge of the good stiff black diamond it is.

For advanced skiers,it is one of the more interesting ways to quickly get from the Timber Chair to the base of White Pass and while it does have a habit of growing man eating moguls if the snow fairy has been slacking, you do get a good opportunity to scope it out from the chair on the way up.

The trees between Lift Line and Puff can be real treat, but high traffic tends to generate lots of moguls, often pointy, which tend to take something away from the glade experience.


Looking down Lift Line from near the top. Big Bang is on the other side of the closed signs on the right.


The treed area between Lift Line and Puff

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