107 - Knot Chutes

The Knot Chutes are a series of steep open areas between the spines of a rock face on the Timber side of the ridge separating it from Currie Bowl. To access them from the top you must traverse across the top ofShakey's Acres from the White Pass chair and then climb up along the ridge from the notch. Parts of the trek along the ridge can be kind of hairy.

More commonly, folks continue to traverse across from the notch and across the rock spines to catch the lower part of the chutes. This traverse can present a definite risk of ski damage and will like require at least some rock jumping. That combined with the whole thing being on display for the bored passengers on the White Pass chair puts this way down on my list of favourites, although the actual skiing can be quite good.


At the top of the Knot Chutes, which are to the left in this picture. The drop into Currie from here is a permanently closed area.


The Knot Chutes, with very good snow cover, from the White Pass chair.

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