75 - King Fir

King Fir is simply the last open shot on the skier's right of Cedar Ridge. The entrance is roughly across from that of Linda's Run and is quite wide open once the early season alders are covered. About half way down there is an island of trees before it opens up again briefly and then plunges through a narrow, steep and sometimes icy neck out into the wide open area at the bottom of Cedar Ridge.

The whole slope is definite black, but that last pinch point is a rather darker shade of black. There was some logging work in this area in the summer of 2007 (I am writing in the fall) and it may have opened this up a bit.


Upper King Fir from just above the tree island.


The trees on either side of King Fir are also skiable. This is from chute near by.

Last modified on 2007-11-26
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