87 - KC Chutes

This is a steep and gullied pitch in the centre bottom of Cedar Bowl. It is bounded on the right by the lower section of Cedar Centre, but I am not sure if the designation extends all the way over to Gorbie Bowl or just to the Snake gully. In any event they can provide a stimulating exit from Cedar, but are often heavily aldered early in the season. Extensive clearing in recent years has greatly improved this situation on much of the lower part, but head in the top too early in a low snow year and a saw would be recommended equipment.

As it is fairly low on the mountain, you should be wary of icy conditions, for it would be dangerously steep if really hard and there is little option once you start down.


The KC Chutes are on the left of this picture, while in the extreme right, lower Gorbie Bowl has suffered a season ending slide.

Last modified on 2007-11-21
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