14 - Highline

This intermediate runs drops off to the left of Falling Star, just a little ways down from the top of the White Pass chair. You will need to keep some speed near the bottom of this first section inorder to make it up onto the bench by the chair. According to newer maps the middle section goes down to the skier's left of the chair and this section is frequently groomed, but I imagine it might be a bit on the difficult side for some intermediate skiers.

Note that older maps showed this section of Highline on the skier's right of the chair in the area which now seems to be designated as Pillow Talk, so older reports refer to that area as upper Highline.

Once down on the flats at the bottom of Knot Chutes, you can choose to continue on a now mellow intermediate lower Highline or cut to the left to follow an equally cruiser like Silver Lining.

The 100% trail provides access to the bottom of Highline from the Timber Chair and is probably the easiest way to get down to the bottom of the White Pass chair. A short simple trail through the woods can extend 100% to Silver Lining as well, but most folks just head down Highline, which can make the lower part rather busy at times.


The upper part of Highline, where it descends from Falling Star is visible at the left in this image of upper Timber Bowl.


The only picture I could find of the middle section of Highline is this sliver in the lower right corner of this image of the Knot Chutes. Admittedly this is another Fernie dark blue, but if ungroomed isn't a problem, then there is lots of room on the skier's left.


Lower Highline

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