7 - Heartland

Heartland is an intermediate run right in the center of Timber Bowl. The lower half is a main route for intermediate skiers wanting to get to the base of the White Pass chair from top of the Timber Chair and the high traffic can make for slick conditions on the easier skier's left portion. The Hundred Percent trail that runs across to Highline may be a better route for lower end skiers, although it does require navigating a narrow slightly steep cat track to get there.

The part on the skier's right below Hundred Percent is steeper and often covered with moguls, but it does provide a welcome alternative for better skiers once a sufficient snow pack has developed.

The upper part of Heartland, which can only be reached by following Falling Star down from the top of the White Pass Chair, has less traffic and can be a pleasant, if short, cruise.


The heavily travelled part of Heartland below the trail from the top of the Timber Chair. The intermediate way down is to come diagonally across from skier's upper right to the lower left. Straight down the right hand side is considerably steeper and can be bony if the snow is sparse.


This Christmas picture shows Heartland at less than its best. The skier's right should be avoided in years with a slow start, until a decent snow pack materializes.


Looking down lower Heartland.

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