83 - Gorbie Bowl

This lovely area in the middle of Snake Ridge slope into Cedar Bowl, is always tempting, but usually has a bite or two. Early season there are often a lot of alders to contend with and half way down is a cliffy tree band that must be negotiated with care. The lower section is usually a wide open cruise whose slope mellows as you descend, but it is subject to grow a large slip crack near the top and on rare occasion the snow pack can fail completely. Definitely for advanced skiers only, but certainly a treat when things are good.


Enjoying the delights of the upper section


Hmmm, perhaps not the best route through the tree band. The easiest is probably to hang a left just a little earlier.


Which will take you down this route.


Gorbie Bowl after the snow pack on the lower part has failed.

Last modified on 2007-11-16
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