22 - Gilmar Trail

Gilmar Trail is the only intermediate way, with the exception of the Trespass Trail escape, out of Currie Bowl. Gilmar Trail starts as a cat track just below the flats at the bottom of Concussion Chute and runs down to the skier's right of the gully in the center of Currie Bowl. It soon widens into a gentle middle section before again being pinched down to cat track width for a short nasty bit and finally widens again near the bottom, where it runs into lower Diamond Back.

Unfortunately high traffic through those pinch points, particularly the lower one, mean that conditions are often much less than ideal, with ice, grit and even rocks being all too common. Even the lower wide section is often icy and the top of the last pitch bony if the snow hasn't been plentiful. Most advanced skiers, including myself, tend to avoid it if possible by making use of some combination of lower Barracuda, lower Currie Creek or the gully itself, although all of those have their own issues. It is also possible to bypass the lower pinch point by means of a steeper section on the extreme skier's right of Currie Bowl, but that also must be treated with caution much of the time.

The bottom line is that there often is no really good way out of the bottom of Currie is snow conditions are marginal, particularly for lower end skiers. Having said that, the groomers seem to find ever more creative ways to keep this run at least acceptable in all but the worst conditions.


The wider middle section of Gilmar Trail is at right, with the gully on the left. The lower pinch point is visible farther down. The upper part of the gully is often has a very nice skiing down to that point and can be a hoot farther down when the snow pack builds up.


The narrow part of Gilmar on a less than spectacular day. Unfortunately, while Gilmar can be quite good, it seems more often than not it isn't.


The bottom part of Gilmar, on the left of the gully above, is quite wide, but still prone to icy patches.

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