1 - Falling Star

Falling star is a very long beginner (well almost) run that starts at the top of the White Pass chair and follows a bench across Timber Bowl and into Siberia Bowl. It then follows the gentle bottom of this bowl down to the bottom and finally back out a tedious cat track to Meadow and the bottom of the Timber lift.

The very top of the trail follows a sort of ridge that crosses Timber Bowl, very conveniently forming a depression on the uphill side which provides a great deal of avalanche protection from the cliffs above. This section is a pretty benign intermediate run when conditions are good, but whiteouts are not uncommon and somehow make this portion of the run seem much harder than it is. A little further on it narrows to cat track width and also flattens to the point that a bit of skating is often necessary around the area that Milky Way branches off.

This trail can be joined directly from the top of the Timber Chair by means of Shooting Star and is the only easy way down from there for beginners. There is however one somewhat tricky part where the run becomes a cat track that has a single switchback to get down a short steep section. The narrowness of this portion and occasional less than considerate folks cruising by at speed, can be pretty scary for a beginner.

It is possible to avoid the switch back by going down a short gully to the left. I consider this a much better route, but it is still a bit steep and narrow for a beginner. Once past this area though, the run returns to wide and gentle. It does narrow down to cat track width again at the bottom, but at this point is essentially flat.


A perfectly groomed Falling Star in the week before season opening.


Looking up Falling Star towards Mammoth Head with part of the old terrain park on the left.

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