11 - Deep Sea

If you wish to ski out of Timber Bowl from the bottom of the White Pass chair, pretty much the only option for intermediate skiers is Deep Sea. Unfortunately this is a moderately hard gully run that is often icy and certainly could be intimidating for less advanced skiers. At the top of the gully a cat track splits off to the right. This cat track is rather steep and narrow and all too often sports a rock or two, but in recent years they have removed all the trees between the cat track and the gully as well as done a lot of bulldozer work to make things easier. When there is sufficient snow, the slope off of the side of the cat track is pretty wide and open. The cat track itself provides a route to lower Siberia Ridge.


Unfortunately I don't seem to have any current pictures of Deep Sea. In this old picture the cat track can be seen starting on the right just below the snow fencing. These days all the trees between the cat track and the gully are gone.

Last modified on 2007-11-01
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