50 - Dancer

Dancer is the Southern most (skier's right) of the four main intermediate runs that range across the centre of Lizard Bowl. Access is by a long cat track traverse across the bowl from the top of the Bear Chair or, less commonly, by means of the higher traverse from the top of the Face Lift (which as of 2010 does not appear likely to operate any more).

When groomed this can be a nice high speed cruiser run, but not particularly my cup of tea in and of itself. Part way down, Dancer swings back to the left and acts as a sort of collector for the folks who want to head back to the Bear's Den. However you can head off to the right as it starts across and head down Freeway or China Might.

As with the other runs in the centre of Lizard, the actual designation is more the area that tends to get groomed occasionally and in fact you can ski between the runs or virtually anywhere in the bowl.


In this image taken from the hump on Cascade, Dancer runs diagonally from the upper right to lower left just in front of the trees. Easter Bowl lies beyond the trees.


On Dancer as it starts to head back towards the Bear's Den, which is in the upper center. The route there goes above the trees center left and then through the gap in the trees farther on. China Might is between that first set of trees and the bushy gully in the lower right. Out of frame to the right is a broad gully at the base of Easter Bowl, which runs down to Freeway.

Last modified on 2010-04-18
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