19 - Currie Powder

Currie Powder is the easiest way down through Currie and it originally carried a green badge, but after the first year it was upgraded to blue reflecting the reality that there really is no true beginner way down Currie. In an attempt to make the easiest possible run, Currie Powder winds down the bowl like a large reversed S. It begins with a traverse across the upper bowl, which is fine except in the frequent white out conditions found up here or when travelling in a pack of the powder crazed on their way to the Currie Chutes.

Once across the bowl the run heads down hill through an initially fairly narrow section before opening up into a very wide run of intermediate slope.

At the bottom of this section the run veers right on to a cat track before looping back around. Note that unlike the map representation, this is a fairly abrupt right turn onto a short cat track wide section that quickly opens up again where it meets Down Right. Low end skiers unfortunate enough to miss this turn will have the pleasure of skiing down a fairly intimidating slope, especially if they are to the skier's right.

At the bottom it dumps into Gilmar's Trail.


The cat track in the lower left is the first part of Currie Powder.


When it gets to the other side of the bowl it goes through this narrow bit. This was blasted and reworked in the summer of 2007, so it may be significantly improved now (I am writing in the fall of 2007).


The nice wide open middle section of Currie Powder

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