21 - Currie Glades

For strong intermediates and above who want to try a some easy tree skiing, the center of Currie can be a wonderful place. There are a couple of steeper pitches and even some small cliff bands near the top that you have to watch out for though. These are easily bypassed, but a blind rush through some trees could buy you more excitement than you bargained for.

Even though the trees in the main part were thinned a bit a while back, the most recent trail maps have justifiably bumped this up to a black diamond from a blue square as tree avoidance is definitely a required skill. Below where Currie Powder crosses through the trees, the skiing becomes quite a bit more serious, but you can bail out just about anywhere.


Tree dodging is integral part of these glades, but often well worth it.


An open section of the Currie Glades

Last modified on 2010-04-17
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