31 - Currie Creek

The fifth and last of the Currie Chutes.

The top part of the Currie Creek is a steep drop with a nice mixture of open area, trees and things to avoid, without ever being overly tight. The cliffy band that runs across all of these runs manifests itself as a particularly steep little section that is a little gentler and less obstructed on the right.

Below this the run becomes gentler and swings gradually around to the left. While I am not sure if it is the correct designation, I tend to assume the whole lower part of Currie Bowl on the skier's left of the gully is a continuation of Currie Creek. Part way down a cat track cuts across from the bottom of Barracuda and actually continues through the woods on the far left as the Bear Connector run. This exits on Stag Leap just above the Deer Chair and makes it possible to get to the bottom of the Bear Chair, without descending to the very base and enduring a slow ride up the Elk or Deer chairs.

The area between the cat track and the gully is a broad mogul fields, a bit steep off of the edge of the cat track, but more like lower Barracuda on the left. Unfortunately a last little pitch down to the top of Meadow had traditionally been almost always rocky and nasty, unless you knew just the right lines. This was improved with some land scraping attention in the summer of 2007, but still gets nasty if the snow is thin.


A nice open area near the top (with a good snow pack).


More traditional upper Currie Creek terrain.


I am not sure it this lower area is still Currie Creek or not, but I don't know what else to call it. That is Meadow beyond the fencing and the cat track at center left is the route that will take you to above the Deer chair. Numerous trees have been sacrificed and much earth moved around the cat track entrance since this was taken.

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