78 - Cruiser

Access from one of the Cedar Traverses.

Another well named run. This is the most popular intermediate run out of Cedar bowl. The top is wide and usually groomed, although short pitch just above it narrows down can be tough for lower intermediates. Just below this pitch the run narrows to about cat track width and turns sharply right to run down between Cedar Ridge and pronounced gully. The pitch on this part is moderate, but the narrowness and the intimidating drop on the left might again be a problem for a low intermediate. The gully itself can be a hoot for more advanced skiers.

Where Cruiser makes that right turn across the gully, there is a wide open slope straight ahead that would appear to be the logical continuation of Cruiser, but is in fact the black diamond portion of Cedar Centre.

Once at the bottom of the cat track portion, the run curves back to the left and becomes an fairly wide, easy intermediate running down to the trail to the Haul Back. You can also just continue across the now flat cat track to Spruce or test your skill in the alders between the two.


Cruiser from where the traverse from the top of the Bear Chair enters. It is very wide here, but only the right half is normally groomed and obviously not always that even - thankfully. :-)


Cruiser from near the bottom of the top wide part.


The Cruiser Cat track is on the left of the gully in this picture taken before season opening. Cruiser now heads to the right from where this picture was taken or you can continue on the cat track, now becomes Cedar Trail.


In this dismal image the lower part of Cruiser below the cat track is visible running across the picture in the foreground, while the steep bit of Cedar Centre is in the background.

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