93 - Corner Pocket

The highest of the descents into Lizard Bowl from the Currie Bowl Reverse Traverse, this begins as a narrow and steep rock sided chute. It normally can't hold enough snow to support much traffic, so the hill has actually anchored old tires in the upper section so you can safely side step down part way. A rope may even be available to belay down. Below this a swooping turn to the left out of a final tight spot places you in the featureless expanses of upper Lizard Bowl, which can reward you with some great powder turns.


Descending the first part of Corner Pocket by rope. You can just make out the tires under the snow.


Another image of the Corner Pocket entrance.


The wide open spaces below Corner Pocket and the saddles is shown in this picture. Corner Pocket starts from the first notch on the right, just at the base of the slope down from the high point at the upper right. High Saddle comes down from the notch just right of centre, while Saddle descends from the wider notch on the left.

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