27 - Concussion

The first of the Currie Chutes. You can drop off of the Reverse Traverse to the left pretty much anywhere between Corner Pocket and the High Saddle and proceed down one of the steep slide chutes. Note that the tree covered spines between these chutes can be quite rocky, particularly in the early season. Unless you started down to the far left, you will want to cut to the left to the wide gully that runs down to the left, although a nice alternative is to head through the trees and on to lower Big Dipper.

While the top part is quite steep and trees beckon hungrily below, I consider this the least threatening of the Currie Chutes, because you still have an option of bailing to friendlier parts should the conditions prove hostile. Once beyond this, though you are pretty much committed to interesting terrain, regardless of conditions.


Surprisingly I can't find a good winter picture of Concussion, but it follows the wide gully at the left.


This summer shot makes the gully easier to see as well as how rugged and cliffy Tom's Run and beyond can be.

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