59 - China Wall

This is a short mogul run that starts from Cat Flats (the flat area at the bottom of Arrow and Sunny Side) and runs down to where Deer Trail crosses Dipsy. The upper part would probably be intermediate terrain if not for the multitude of little moguls that form, but it gets steeper, particularly on the skier's left near the bottom. The left is also prone to outbreaks of rocks when the conditions are marginal, while the gentler right hand side can provide a safer path down to intercept China Might.


China Wall comes down to the left of the trees in the centre this picture, while China Might is the ramp coming down left of centre.


The lower and steeper section when well covered.


This late season picture shows that the rocky section to the skier's left of China Wall has grown to close off that side.

Last modified on 2007-11-27
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