79 Cedar Centre

Cedar Centre, often also called Cedar Main, is the second main run as you traverse across Cedar Bowl. Descending from the gun tower traverse, there is a large knoll on the left, popular with the leaping crowd and a gully develops on the right which can be fun to ski in and also provides air opportunities.

At the bottom of this upper section the run splits around a tree covered hill. Folks not interested in the black diamond lower section of Cedar Centre should head to the right to merge with Cruiser and follow it down the cat track to the right. You can still make the Cruiser cat track if you go around to the left, but you will have to maintain some speed and still might end up with a bit of skating or climbing.

If the snow pack has developed sufficiently, more advanced skier might want to try skiing right up onto the dividing hill and down the front or right sides of it. This is definitely advanced terrain though.

The bottom section of Cedar Center is a wide but steep pitch bordered by gullies on both sides. On the right is the gully separating it from the Cruiser cat track and while it is possible to ski into this gully from Cedar Centre, the sides do approach cliff steepness in places. The gully on the left marks the beginning of the KC Chutes and is narrow and bushy.

The centre and much of the left hand side of this pitch are sometimes groomed, but can get quite icy at times. The right hand side, which is steeper and left mogulled, can be delightful when the snow is good or a handful when it is hard.

At the bottom the run curves off to the left and onto a long flat run out to the bottom of the Haul Back.


The very top part of Cedar Centre, below the Face to Cedar traverse.


A rather poor picture of the upper part of Cedar Centre, taken from near the top of the branch that merges with Cruiser.


The lower black diamond pitch.


Another image of the lower part (at the right of the gully), this time from the Cruiser side.

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