51 - Cascade

As you head across Lizard Bowl from the Bear Chair, Cascade is the third of the four main intermediate run down the broad fairly gentle center of the bowl. Access is either by means of the Lizard Traversefrom the top of the Bear Chair or, less commonly, by means of the higher traverse from the top of the Face Lift (which as of 2010 does not appear likely to operate any more).

This is another nice and pretty popular cruiser run. Below the Lizard Traverse, the groomed intermediate portion swings to the left around an large hump on the right side, part of which is popular with the jumping brigade. Farther to the right it is easy to carry enough speed to get up on this hump, which can have some nice slightly harder turns either down its front face or off into the trees on the right.

The natural exit from Cascade is to continue down China Might, but Freeway or China Wall (both black) are options as is following Dancer over to Ballet and the Bear's Den.

As with the other runs in the centre of Lizard, the actual designation is more the area that tends to get groomed occasionally and in fact you can ski between the runs or virtually anywhere in the bowl.


Cascade is in the center of this picture taken after the hill had closed for the season.


Looking up the front side of the knob on Cascade.


In this overview of Lizard Bowl, Cascade runs just in front of the line of trees in the center of the image. Bow is on the other side of the tree line and Arrow runs between the next two tree lines to merge with it. Lizard Traverse can be seen running across the bowl at the upper left, while Tower Six Trail comes down the image near the center before looping back in the lower right.

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