52 - Bow

Bow is the second of the four main intermediate run down the broad Lizard bowl. Once again access is either by means of the Lizard Traverse from the top of the Bear Chair or from the higher traverse from the top of the Face Lift (which as of 2010 does not appear likely to operate any more).

I must confess I can't recall when I last skied the top of this run as the nice glades between Bow and Arrow, which I have always called the Bow Trees, but appear as Weasel on this map, have much greater appeal, at least to me. Shortly below Tower Six Trail, Bow effectively merges with Arrow in a wide open slope. The map shows both runs continuing below this, but other than a left side/right side distinction, it would be hard to differentiate them.


Looking up Bow from just below where Arrow, at lower right, merges with it. Notice that Bow is generally steeper farther to the skier's right.


In this overview of Lizard Bowl, Cascade runs just in front of the line of trees in the center of the image. Bow is on the other side of the tree line and Arrow runs between the next two tree lines to merge with it. Lizard Traverse can be seen running across the bowl at the upper left, while Tower Six Trail comes down the image near the center before looping back in the lower right.

Last modified on 2010-04-18
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