66 - Boomerang

This is a popular run in a bowl right under the upper part of the Boomerang chair, which often has very good skiing, but may also be populated with man eating moguls at times. It starts right at the top of the chair and narrows as it descends into something of a broad gully. You can also drop into the bowl off of the right side of North Ridge into a number of wide openings that lead you onto the open left slope of the bowl. The last major opening is sometimes referred to as the Punji Chutes, while the wooded slope that forms the right slope of the bowl is termed the Bear Chutes.

The lowest part of the gully is quite overgrown and rarely skied these days, in fact I am not sure if it is even open. A common exit is to take a traverse to the right which will get you to the Bear's Den and the choice of lifts besides the Boom Chair. proceed below this and you will either have to traverse left out to Boom Ridge or off to the right to a bumpy, but open ride down to the lower part of Kodiak.


The upper part of Boomerang from the Boom chair.


Looking up Boomerang from near cut off for the traverse to the Bear's Den.


The patrol doing some maintenance on the popular trail going to the Bear's Den, which can grow some wicked whoop-de-dos.

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