26 - Big Dipper

A few years ago the hill opened up what had been a fairly tight treed area between Currie Powder and Concussion to form a delightful run that I often ski, but did not know the name of until looking at this newer map. Although the placement of it between those two runs leaves no doubt what I have been skiing is Big Dipper, the map doesn't quite catch the actual layout as Currie Powder is the far wider run and Big Dipper runs down a steep pitch to merges with Concussion.

To get to the top of this run, follow the same traverse that takes you to the Currie Chutes, but head down after crossing the first tree band on the far side of the Polar Peak chutes.


The upper part of Big Dipper is open and not too steep, but sometimes subject to a nasty wind crust.


Below this the run narrows into a sparsely treed, fairly gentle slope with some interesting terrain rolls and dips.


I can't seem to find a good picture of the steep lower section, but this one was taken from the top of it looking across Concussion at the bottom of Tom's Run. However the portion in the foreground does show that the route straight down, to the right in the picture, is pretty steep. Any intermediates arriving here would be advised to traverse through the trees to the skier's left (i.e. behind me as I took this image) to friendlier terrain. Advanced skiers though will be treated to a lovely little mogul run.

Last modified on 2010-04-17
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