4 - Big Bang

The area between Lift Line and Mitchy Chutes is designated as Big Bang, although the exact boundaries elude me. A particularly steep and dense section on the upper skier's right has in the past featured lots of snags, stumps and branches hidden beneath the snow to add to the thrill. I always have always found it satisfying to just get out of there with my skin intact and my shorts clean, but as I write this in the fall of 2007, I can report that there was a lot of chain saw work in the Big Bang and Mitch Chutes area this summer which may make things more sane.

Farther to the skier's right things open up a lot into steep mogul run with a variety of stumps, trees and drops to keep the folks watching from the Timber Chair amused. Edging into Mitch Chutes territory things again start getting steeper and more congested.


Big Bang from the Timber Chair. The top of Mitchy Chutes is in the low point at the upper left, but I have always been unclear just where it stops and Big Bang starts. Note that the trees in Mitchy Chute were thinned in the summer of 2008, so it is a bit more open than it appears here.


The view down Big Bang with the White Pass load visible at the bottom.

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