101 - Bear Right

As the Bear run approaches the Bear's Den, it splits around a group of trees, with the right fork becoming Bear Right. This crosses the flats at the bottom of Ballet before heading down another pitch, crossing the Dipsey cat track before continuing down until it rejoins Dipsey below China Wall. In the past I have considered the part from the Bear's Den down as being the upper part of Dipsey, but on this map Dipsey is marked as the cat track that runs diagonally across this section.

Being a low South facing slope with lots of traffic, the lower part of this run has traditionally been pretty bony when the Griz wasn't co-operating, but improvements in snow making in this area have helped a lot.


Looking up Bear Right from near the top of the lower part. It comes down from Bear at the upper right.


The lower part of Bear Right, with the Bear's Den at the top and the Dipsey cat track running across the centre. Deer Trail begins between the bushes in the extreme lower right.

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