60 - Bear

This is one of the most popular intermediate runs on the mountain. It is wide, usually well groomed, but some times can be lightly mogulled and has a moderate pitch. It runs from the top of the Bear Chair down to the Bear's Den, where it becomes the Elk run. You can have a great cruising run down here on slow days, but traffic often makes prudence necessary.

A tributary of this called Bear Ridge runs from the top of the Boom Chair to merge with Bear proper part way down.


The view down Bear. Bear Right heads off to the right (duh) at the clump of trees in the center down below and the Bear's Den is directly behind them. Drop off anywhere to the left for the Bear Chutes experience.


Looking back up Bear from in front of the Elk Chair unload.


2007-11-22 - Phil from the UK: My wife suggests that you add a caveat to comment "usually well groomed". e.g. "but not to the standard you would expect to find on intermediate runs in the big European reports"

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