30 - Barracuda

The fourth of the Currie Chutes.

The upper and lower parts of Barracuda are two completely different kinds of runs. The top is steep and the natural flow is to the left to merge with Currie Creek, but it is possible to find routes through the trees on the right. Below the trees and a few alder traps, Barracuda becomes a wide mogul field with a moderate pitch. It is still designated as a black diamond, but I would think it would be a borderline blue, except perhaps for the profusion of moguls that can be kind of choppy, but generally are just fun.

At the bottom of this pitch you can either cross the gully to Gilmar Trail, cut left on a cat track to the lower part of Currie Creek or if the snow pack has developed enough, just follow the gully down.


Lower Barracuda is the broad lower area in the background. Upper Barracuda is the white area second from the right at the top of the ridge. As a measure of confusion with these names I noticed I often confused Cornice Chute and Barracuda in report captions. Then again, maybe I am wrong now. Sigh.

Last modified on 2007-11-19
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