55 - Arrow

Arrow is the first run down if you head left as you get off of the Bear Chair and is one of the four main intermediate run down the broad Lizard bowl. Over most of its length Arrow is really like two different runs. The right hand side is groomed when possible and runs down across Tower Six Trail before bearing right into the area shared with Bow. At this point it turns back to the left and heads down a very wide, but somewhat steeper slope can that get rather icy if fresh snow hasn't been forthcoming. After crossing the return leg of Tower Six Trail, most people turn straight down hill to carry speed across "Cat Flats". You will need speed if you are headed for Ballet as it is slightly uphill, but unless the snow is really deep, you can usually easily maintain progress by heading off to the right. Ballet can be accessed without the uphill by turning left on that lower section of Tower Six Trail and traversing under Sunnyside.

The left hand side of Arrow does not get groomed and starts off as a quite gentle mogul field, which then drops quite steeply down onto the Tower Six Trail crossing. Watch for traffic here. Below this the moguls continue down an increasingly deep gully, which can be followed all the way down to the lower arm of Tower Six Trail, but you can easily bail out to the right and easier terrain.


Sometimes nothing on Arrow is groomed. This is the top section and a bit of the Face Lift bottom station can be seen at the upper left.


Looking across Bow to where Arrow enters from the upper left.


In this overview of Lizard Bowl, Cascade runs just in front of the line of trees in the center of the image. Bow is on the other side of the tree line and Arrow runs between the next two tree lines to merge with it. Lizard Traverse can be seen running across the bowl at the upper left, while Tower Six Trail comes down the image near the center before looping back in the lower right.

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