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Pros: Great bat 50 swings on it and hit nasty line drive wouldn't want to be an infielder with the line drives that come off this bat. This bat is dual stamped but I mainly play in a usssa and nsa, I am looking at this bat to get to play in that and if I choose to play in an asa tournament. Out of the Wrapper means it was taken out of its plastic wrapper and used for images to put on the site. All ASA bats are meant to be used with the .52 core 300lb compression balls which are a softer ball. Authorized Dealer of Louisville Slugger and other Brands, Providing Sports Equipment Since 1980. The 2016 Louisville Z4000 slow pitch bats come in six different flavors to cater to each individual’s tastes. After a short break in period, the feel and sound of this bat on contact is worth every penny spent! I'm not usually a power hitter but I get a homer run here and there, with this bat I've been hitting bombs all over the field. I like the flex in the bat, the distance the ball travels, and the gritty feel of the barrel.
Bat is already hot out of the wrapper but once you get 75 to 150 swings on it the ball starts flying off the bat like a trampoline affect! Did these bats sell out and you haven't removed them from the list or is there is a code to put in.
This is the exact same slow pitch bat as the first model mentioned but with an End Loaded weighting.

This is exactly like the second softball bat talked about but it features an end load as well. With an extra half ounce end load, this Shoppe Backman model made for Louisville Sluggers own pro-sponsored team is ready to put some heavy damage on the ball.
This bat is also made with the Pure 360 composite material and the TRU3 connection technology. Ive got about 200 cuts so far in the cage with a clincher softball, everybody on my team wants one. When the ball is hit smack on the sweet spot the feel of the bat and sound of the ball are like music.
Mixing these high end composites with the TRU3 will help direct any potentially lost energy of the swing back into the softball. They both have the same composite & offer the TRU3 connecting piece that eliminates vibration and improves overall stiffness and feel. This bat will be ideal for players who love to crush the ball over the fence & have the power+strength to use it. Again great for the players who have enough strength to utilize the end loaded softball bat to help put some extra distance on the ball.
The Z4000 SBZ416U-PL is the hottest & heaviest Z4000 softball bat Louisville Slugger makes.
It has an end load like some of the other Z4000’s, but this SSUSA model is not restricted in the way other associations are.
Yes it has the LS Z1000, Z2000 sound but I am completely impressed by the power this bat has.

This spin will increase the intensity of your hits, making them go further at a faster speed.
In addition to the Z4000 I purchased an Easton L 6.0 Endloaded and a Miken Psycho Endloaded, by far the Z4000 is the best out of all three. You get all the other great bells and whistles, just a little more inertia behind the ball. Made with the same great features and aero space carbon fiber as the other Z4000’s, this USSSA slow pitch bat is a beast! The gates have been opened wide in terms of performance for the manufacturers, so you will be getting a slow-pitch bat that tries to walk as close to the edge of maximum power without sacrificing the durability of the product. I normally use the Easton brand and I haven’t given up on them at all but this ASA Z4000 has incredible pop with the 300 compression balls. Im by nature a base hit hitter, and hit a lot of line drives, this bat is feeling like i can reach the fences. The S1iD is composed of two inner discs inserted into the sweet spot of the barrel to allow for maximum pop right out of the wrapper without having to wait for it to break in at all.

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