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Celebrate the gifts of the Christmas season with Micro-Trains Toy Trunk Line Christmas Set.
The passenger cars in this set are aluminum with red, white and blue bands and the locomotive is black with aluminum sides and sports the “inverted arrow” logo and a red nose.
This limited edition train set, #MTL-994 21 020, celebrates 25 years of Z scale from Micro-Trains!
The pictures above, and throughout this website, are the property of Zscale Monster Trains. You’ve probably seen some amazing model train layouts at train shows and wondered how you could ever learn the same skills?

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Perfect for under the tree, this set features a F7 locomotive pulling three 40’ flat cars hauling presents and a toy chest caboose.
The 2015 Christmas Train Set features our F7 powered locomotive and 3 lightweight smoothside baggage cars. Due to these parts being extremely small and delicate, its probably a good idea to keep kids 20 feet away from this Marklin Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy American Starter Z scale Train Set .
Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible. I am an owner of other marklin products and longest one I’ve owned is 25 years olds now and still runs as smooth and crisp as the day I got it! 12 sections of straight track, 12 sections of curved track, 2 electric turnouts, typical American buildings, rerailer, control box, distribution strip, wire, plugs, sockets and power pack.

12 segments of straight track, 12 areas of bended track, 2 electric turnouts, common American structures, rerailer, control box, dispersion strip, wire, corks, attachments and power pack. The State Railroad provided the 61 002, which was completed in 1939 a trailing axle and an additional cylinder. While other streamlined locomotives hauled conventional trains, the German State Railroad especially commissioned streamlined cars for express service between Berlin and Dresden. Travelers in the last car were thus offered an excellent view of and around the route the train was putting behind itself.When the 1936 summer timetable went into effect the German State Railroad started express service between Prussia and Saxony.

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