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In common with a number of our other exhibition layouts, Shinso Mizu is a consequence of the purchase by my wife, Meg, of an item of rolling stock which happened to have taken her eye.
Having been in this position before, I immediately began to lay plans in accordance with the issued instructions that it had to be a simple tailchaser layout preferably on a single board. Rather than cutting out the area for the lake I resorted to the simple expedient of raising the trackbed on strips of balsa wood, having been given a large box of this from a neighbour who had rescued it from going into a skip. A number of our locomotives are based on electric prototypes and catenary was therefore a necessary scenic addition.

The track has been sprayed with Railmatch sleeper grime to mask the plastic look of the ballast and the shiny rail sides. The assorted greenery including bushes and trees is recycled from a previous Japanese N scale layout and is mainly Woodland Scenics. The lake surface is made very simply by painting the board surface black and then applying many successive coats of Klear floor polish.
There are now a number of materials on the market for making snow but when we first started to build snowy layouts these were not available.

The buildings are laser cut card kits which fit together beautifully even in this tiny scale.

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