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Step by step instructions on scratch building a model using free plans found on the internet.. And in many cases, production schedules are too tight to allow for this kind of traditional scale model building, which often takes weeks to complete.
Amassing a great collection needn’t cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds, nor does it require acres of space; all you really need is passion. Ask yourself: “What am I passionate about?” If the answer happens to be flight, aviation, travel, or precision engineering, collecting diecast model aeroplanes could be for you. Diecast model aeroplanes come in many different shapes and sizes, and are created by a number of manufactures. While it might be wise to limit your search to a particular manufacturer initially, countless collectors find that as their passion and knowledge increases, so too does the scope and scale of their collection. Whatever approach you deicide take, your collection is likely to bring you a great deal of pride and pleasure, and, while you won’t be able to pilot your planes for real, you will no doubt meet lots of fellow enthusiasts with whom to share your stories and expertise along the way. Read and learn as much as you can, and talk to other collectors whenever possible, and you’ll soon be well on your way to building an impressive collection!
The term “diecasting” refers to the process of moulding molten metal, plastic, and even rubber. During the Second World War, international interest in aviation skyrocketed, and diecast models of World War 2 fighter planes remain extremely popular among collectors today.

By the middle of the 20th century, static diecast model aeroplanes were being produced for display purposes and promotional uses. German model making firm Herpa produce diecast model aeroplanes under the trademark Herpa Wings.
Skymarks creates detailed plastic model airliners, which can be assembled without glue, swiftly and easily.
As well as Gemini Jets, Herpa and Skymarks, French manufacturer Heller SA is also well worth a mention.
Looking forward for your articles or product reviews or your model airport or model photos! They print out at HO scale so they can be instant background or ready plans for scratch building. Building a Scale building design and list of specifications for the structure they are about to build. Great reissue by Lindberg measures almost 20 inches long when complete complete with decals and.
While the majority of high-quality diecast models are made from non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, zinc, copper, lead and tin-based alloys, many plastic airliners and models are also considered inherently collectable. Initially, toy cars and trains were created in large numbers; however, following esteemed American aviator Charles Lindbergh’s legendary transatlantic flight in 1927, toy manufacturers began to produce miniature aircraft using the same technique. Those just starting their collections are often surprised at the range of scales available.

To date, French diecast manufacturer Heller SA is the only firm to offer 1:125 plastic scale models of aircraft. However, a trio of contemporary diecast model makers is mentioned time and again: Gemini Jets, Herpa Wings, and Skymarks. Rather, they would be supplied to travel agencies, given away as gifts, and sold on airlines.
The American firm uses Pantone colour charts and aircraft manufactures’ blueprints in order to establish as accurate a likeness as possible. Skymarks’ light, durable, colourful models are available at competitive rates, and represent a good starting point for anyone new to diecast model aeroplane collecting.  The firm also produces coveted accessories, such as landing gear sets. Every release features between 1,500 and 3,000 limited edition models, which collectors clamour to get their hands on.
Gemini Jets has also dreamed up and created two model airports and an extensive array of airport accessories, including airport vehicles and lighting. The company refuses to reissue models that have sold out, meaning its high-quality models remain hot property among diecast aircraft enthusiasts.

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