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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Our dentist office has one of those ubiquitous Thomas the Tank Engine play tables for their wooden toy trains and the kids make a beeline for it as soon as they walk through the door and would play with it for hours if allowed. You do get some much cooler stuff, including a train mountain, a double decker bridge, and roads painted on the top to drive your cars around.
This train set gives kids control of an entire city while the table keeps playtime off the floor and closer to eye level.
Help your future engineer's imagination jump into overdrive with this mountain train table set from KidKraft.
About This Train Table   The colorful base map with water, grass, and existing roads makes kids think creatively about where to place the wooden tracks.

WNY Deals and To-Dos: Amazon: KidKraft Wooden Train Table with Bins, 100 Wooden Play Pieces & FREE Gund Teddy Bear!!! If you are interested in purchasing, be sure to add the 2011 Gund Teddy Bear to your cart as well! Last week there was a one day sale at $95Picked it up in store.Must sell assembled model now I bought for $80, and sell it back for $80, and keep the new one. It will likely be higher at your local Toys R Us.  It comes with a blank top and can be used more easily for other activities, plus comes with a single pull out drawer for holding trains, art supplies or whatever your children like to do. With a 120-piece accessory set that includes everything from wooden people to an airport, your children will have no trouble using their imaginations to create a mountain town built around the wooden tracks and trains they already have.
The ability to build their own roads with a mountain, tunnel, and bridge obstacles further encourages original ideas.

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Three plastic storage bins hang under the table to hold extra accessories and track pieces when they aren't being used.

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