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Founded in 1833, the original Bachmann Company manufactured vanity products from ivory and tortoiseshell.
Bachmann, realizing this was a new and growing market, began producing other products for the rapidly growing model train market, leading eventually to the Plasticville line of scale model buildings.
Throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Bachmann continued to produce a wide range of plastic toys as well as their model trains.
Entering this market in 1968 with N scale model trains to meet the growing demand for what was then a relatively new scale, Bachmann then added HO scale model trains in 1970 to expand their sales. Suffering falling profits and financial difficulties Bachmann Brothers was, in 1984, acquired by Kader Industrial Company Limited, a manufacturing company founded in Hong Kong in 1948. As well as introducing its own brands to North America, Kader under the Bachmann brand, built itself up as the largest volume seller of model railways by purchasing other failing companies, using the Bachmann name to front a series of purchases in the rest of the world to combat the then poor perceptions of Hong Kong based production quality. In 1992 Kader bought Liliput of Austria and in 2000 purchased Graham Farish, a major UK model train manufacturer which had been operating since the 1940s.
Kader’s business model, commencing from its original purchase of Bachmann to the present day, has been to buy a recognized quality brand in the target market or country. Bachmann Industries currently offer model trains, together with buildings and other accessories, in HO sale, N scale, On30 [narrow gauge] scale and G scale, all around the world. China – in 2000, Bachmann commenced manufacturing Chinese outline model trains under the Bachmann China name, and in 2005 the world’s first Bachmann specialty retail shop was opened in Shanghai.
Bachmann Industries today is certainly a much bigger, but quite different company from their small family business that started in Philadelphia 180 years ago. News: Check out the photo gallery link above or >click hereto see photos of recently announced products! I'm not sure about some of you guys, but I think a train set is usually a great way to start a model railroad. This exceptional model is based on the preserved 1000, which has a number of detail differences from the later Deeley and Fowler prototypes.
On the track, the performance of the Bachmann Compound is commendable to say the least, with the careful use of metal parts giving the model sufficient weight to haul a rake of up to 9 coaches on level track bed. Features wise, the Compound has loads of tiny detailing parts which really add to the finish of the model, plus there’s sprung metal buffers, a 21-pin DCC Decoder socket, and provision for DCC sound in the tender too which adds no end to the realism of this model. Bachmann have paid outstanding attention to detail in the finish of this OO gauge locomotive. The price may be a little on the expensive side for a medium sized Locomotive such as this, but the looks and sheer attention to detail when it comes to the decoration may prove quite hard to resist for many railway modellers. This model is still available on pre-order with the National Railway Museum, but I would expect, once it hits the shelves as a trade in you’d be looking at ?50 to ?55 trade in value.
Perhaps there is no other gift more fun to find under the Christmas tree than a brand new train. A Note about "Buyer's Guides" We post these descriptions to help you make informed decisions and to learn what is available, even if the suppliers we usually recommend have a short supply. Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains or other purchases are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site.

Note: Like several of the other trains on this page, this set was an early favorite Bachmann Big Hauler fans, but was unavailable for several years.
Bachmann Pennsylvania Passenger Set - The Pennsylvania Railroad was once the longest railroad in the world. Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey - Fifteen years ago, Bachmann's circus trains were among their most popular.
The locomotive is reengineered so that that it runs smoother and pulls better than the old stock. Bachmann Union Pacific Freight Set - The Union Pacific Railroad was actually started during the Civil War, running westward from Iowa, with the hope of connecting with another railroad coming East from California.
This 4-6-0 locomotive has the funnel-shaped smokestack of mid-to-late 1800s locomotives which might have to burn wood - the big smokestack was designed to help catch cinders which might otherwise land on the coach roofs and cause a fire.
Christmas, please check out our more track options for garden railroads, please check out our sister site's Large Scale Christmas Trains page.
The following track products are compatible (although the shape and color of the ties might vary a little from one brand to the next.
Although most Large Scale track circles use 12 pieces to make a circle, this track is designed to be mechanically compatible with LGB's 1600 curves (also called R3), which use 16 pieces to a circle.
To see many more track options for garden railroads, please check out our Track Order Page.
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The popular Branchline 00 scale class 170 Turbo Star models will soon be available in three new liveries. In the early1900s the company began to use celluloid, one of the original thermoplastics, to manufacture spectacle frames and similar products. These Plasticville scale model buildings and other accessories are still popular with Lionel and American Flyer model train enthusiasts. The toy range included slot cars, planes, military toys and robots, as well as an ‘Animals of the World’ series but Bachmann continued to expand its range of model trains. Kader changed the name to Bachmann Industries and used the brand to expand the offering of its own products to North American customers. Kader established a European division in 1989, initially reusing the molds previously used for the Palitov Company’s ‘Mainline’ UK model railway products to create the Bachmann Branchline model trains series.
Kader then closes the local company’s in-country production facilities, re-engineers the models in Hong Kong to improve the quality and reduces costs by manufacturing the products in their production plant in Dongguan in Mainland China. The Midland crimson livery is applied exquisitely and is definitely worthy of this iconic preserved loco.

In some cases, we will allow a description to remain on line, even without a supplier link, if we have reason to believe that the product will become available again later. To be fair, 99% of PRR's trains were "standard gauge," which would be a slightly different proportion than this train, but, because of acquisitions, PRR ran a number of narrow gauge routes in the "Western Division" right up until 1930. The locomotive has an operating headlight, smoke, speed-synchronized sound, and a coal tender.
The track packaged with the trains on this page uses narrow curves and is not designed for use out of doors. But we provided the product numbers of brands we couldn't find online in case you find them in a store and wonder what they are.
These versatile Diesel Multiple units can be seen running on all parts of the National Rail Network making them an ideal addition for many model railways. Continuing their 45 year involvement with manufacturing plastic products, in 1947 Bachmann released a mass-market plastic fence intended for decorating home Christmas trees.
The original Bachmann’s Plasticville products in O scale were later expanded to ranges in HO scale and N scale, with Bachmann manufacturing these at their Philadelphia plant. But sometimes, I feel if you want to start a model railroad, the train sets that come with accessories is a really good idea. If you want a particular product, but we have no supplier button or the supplier's page says they are sold out, let us know, and we'll try to help you find one elsewhere.
Save it to put around the Christmas tree or for other indoor uses and give your trains room to run outside. Fortunately for Bachmann, as there was no other similar product on the market, the plastic fences were quickly adopted by early model train enthusiasts to enhance their hobby train layouts. Are they still stuck in the 1980s or something?!Of course I've moved up on my layout even though I also started out with a train set. Above (middle) is item number 32-465 painted in the recently launched Cross Country livery.The final item (bottom) from this trio is item 32-466 sporting the latest London Midland City livery and branding.
Now I have more higher-quality locomotives, a better power pack, etc.I know Athearn's train sets come with good-quality locomotives AND the nickel-silver E-Z track! These ones seem more geared toward the novice looking for a more high-quality set (hence the nickel silver track.)The Walthers Trainline sets also have high-quality locomotives. I have a couple of Trainline locomotives, like the kind their sets include, and they have pretty good can motors and flywheel drive, and they also use Bachmann E-Z Mate couplers. I imagine this was for beginners that wanted to also have buildings on their first layout right away, to add a bit more imagination to their train operations.

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