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To make measurements in your scale, simply multiply the actual length of the prototype by the appropriate factor. In some cases it is more practical to use the nearest fractional value to define the measurement. For example to convert HO measurements to O scale measurements, multiply the HO factor by 1.815 to get the O scale value. The first manakin railways were not built to any particular exfoliation and were more like toys than miniature representations of the full moon size prototype. Many questions arise when doing custom railroads, so we try to answer as many of the most common questions asked. Most of our clients are not local, so our railroads are made in modular sections and can be delivered to your location.
Yes, most of the custom railroads we build are in modular pieces, which in turn makes it easier to ship and set up. We work with many different types of manufacturers Atlas, Bachmann, MTH, DigiTrax, NEC, Lionel and many more. Most of all our experience, for example, We have worked on hand-laid track, super elevation, catenary systems, custom structures, helixes, and computer-controlled trains, just to name a few. But if at all possible have your railroad built at our shop then shipped to your location, this will save you thousands of dollars! Costs range anywhere from several thousand dollars for smaller projects up into six or seven figures for larger, more elaborate, railroads.

The cost of the railroad really comes down to how long it will take us to build it (Man hours) and supplies purchased. Yes we can custom design any size or scale railroad, we can also design control panels and custom cabinetry. You can pick up the railroad from our shop, but most people have us ship the railroad to them, it really is up to you.
The actual cost depends on size, breakdown time, shipping, and re-setting up time plus travel expenses. I model in HO because when I started 50 years ago it was the best option in terms of space requirements, availability of equipment, and cost. Olibanum O calibre meant model trains that victimized pass over whose out of doors rails were ace 1 4 inch apart.
But we use email all the time for sending contracts, updated information and photos of your project progress. We have a crew ready to travel anywhere in the continental United States, if need be we can work on your railroad at your location. It also adds more value to the railroad if you decide to move it to a new location or sell your railroad in the future.
A simple oval on a sheet of plywood wired to a power pack with no scenery would be up and running in a day, while a multi-train operation, with freight yards, a turntable, animation, custom structures, signals, lights and other details for a building as large as 30'x65', could take several months, even years to complete. Below each picture is a description including the amount of time it took to complete that particular railroad.

Shipping costs range anywhere from $2,500-12,000 for smaller projects and $12,000 and up for larger railroads. I would have loved to model in O gauge, but the cost and space requirements were out of reach. Where scale of measurement represents a model’s size compared to the actual thing judge represents the at a lower place is group A chart highlighting the scales along with the Pros and Cons. Scale is the kinship of the mannequin to the material world in terms of the size model train size chart. A Model gearing scale of measurement Chart is a chart that has all the possible scales that one could model train size chart.
Because the majority of the cost of a custom built model railroad is tied to the large number of labor hours involved, as with any high quality handcrafted item such as a custom-built car, furniture or a additional room on your house. Today, HO is still the most popular with more manufacturers, kits, rtr equipment and information than any other gauge. Nigh Lionel trains run on deuce similar related racetrack gauges group O gauge and group O twenty-seven Scale on the other hand measures the size relationship between a mould and.
With millions of product’s on the mart it gives you a lot of ways to customise and individualize your own exemplary train.

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