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Paolo spotted the FABARM Martial Ultra Short 14″ SBS (short barreled shotgun) at the EXA 2011 gun expo in Italy.
Still, I don’t like P-grip shotguns unless they have a Pachmayr Vindicator or a Knoxx Breacher (like I installed on my Mossberg Tac Cruiser). The most difficult was getting a standard stock for it, since the pistol grip alone is not useful for all situations. The main problem is that many articles in our gun law are ambiguous enough so that you can get in trouble if someone wants to.
One recent self-defense case with a .22LR target pistol is still at trial (those last a lot too), and the guy already considered guilty by the media.

This is a beautiful LGB model train layout, built by members of a Dutch railroad modeling club.
I have a problem with a Toyota rav4(1998 model).The vehicle have no spark from the ignition coil. Depending on the crimp style used (rolled versus star crimp), the loaded length can vary dramaticly, but it is always less than the nominal length. Also, fitting one with a rail and a green laser negates ever having to raise it at eye level. Actually, I have it registered in my hunting license (we have some stupid gun laws around here, yes).

Don’t get caught with a magazine with more rounds, or it will be worse than robbing a bank. There are special models, locomotives and trains on that model railway layout in G scale or G Gauge.

O gauge talking train station
Hornby trains
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