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A second release of Trainline F40PH models is included in Walthers 1999 annual catalog reference book.
Walthers second import from Roco in Austria arrives with the 1993 annual catalog and is an EMD SW1 switcher.
The first offering included eight roadnames: Pennsy, Conrail, BN, NYC, SP, CNW, Milwaukee, and C&O-Chessie.

A new revised HO-scale SW1 has been announced for the Walthers Mainline series for spring 2013 delivery. I took it apart and saw some small hair fibers tangled in the wheels and  immediately cleaned them. I then put the engine back to gather only to find that the motor worked, but the gears were stripped.

I only ever used this engine for yard work, and there was not enough hair on the wheels to that kind of damage.

N scale figures unpainted
N scale bachmann spectrum 4-8-2
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