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Various Walthers, Atlas Korber & Pola model railroad HO train layout buildings in various stages of completeness. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. For years, their familiar rail inspection cars, many of which were rebuilt from gas-electric "doodlebugs," barnstormed railroads large and small. Fully assembled and ready for service, the cars feature an improved power truck, reinforced frame, and a highly detailed body.

HO Walthers ADM grain elevator farm silo building is missing a few supports that hold up one of the small tanks located on the roof. Inside, special equipment ultrasonically tested each rail for hidden defects that could cause serious problems. Classic yellow paint jobs spanning the past 50 years and sharp graphics make these cars stand out as they roll across your layout.
All of the windows and doors are included, but the roof is broken and missing approximately 25% of the left side.

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